Monday, February 20, 2012



I had a great holiday in the last two days, I went to Bandung. The great part was I can spend my holiday with my beloved wife and my lovely son. My son had his first swim in there. Really happy to see him swimming around and splashing water. It's a joy and he's a miracle for me and my wife.

In life, we seldom to compare happiness in term of wealth, I used to be that kind of person too. but after I saw my little family laughing and having fun, I felt that this is the real happiness and wealth will eventually come to you if you're happy.

I know that with money we can do whatever we want, but it never enough. If you don't be grateful with every little things that you have then you will life in fear searching for happiness that it's exactly already near you. Money, wealth, and health will come to you eventually if you're happy. SO BE HAPPY.

O yeah the picture in the top is my baby swimming around. Love it.

Have a Happy day.

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