Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lighten Up


Woaahh it's been a long time since the last update.. So sorry guys, I was kinda busy with my business and my work. Some of it come with a great result, some of it come with a bad result, but hey it's life right? sometimes up sometimes down.

This couple of week I had an issue that drained my energy so much, it came to the point I loss all the positivity in me. So once I had a day of negativity, and I think it's work for me. I am letting my feeling wrapped me and do as they want, either it's positive or negative. Every motivator always say "you must see the world in a positive way" I agree with that, but if you had a really big ass problem that keep hitting you everyday, you can cry, you can become a baby again. Give your heart a break just for one day, let your heart become kid again.

And you know what, it works for me. I let my heart to cry out the problem just for one day, I called it "Lighten Up". After that I feel the rush of positive energy flow right trough my vein and my body. It's like you recharge your body. When you learn to lighten up and learn to let go the problem, universe will help you in a way that you can't imagine.

Don't you ever wish you are someone else,  you are meant to be the way you are exactly, don't you ever said you don't like the way you are, when you learn to love yourself you will go away by far.

Love yourself, lighten up, and feel the positive energy in your life.

Have a Great Day.


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