Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comfort Zone


I kinda bored with my daily work, it's too monotone. I always do the usual job and never have the chance to do something different.  Sometimes I feel that my zone of work is too comfort or I can say that i work in comfort zone, and believe me IT SUCKS!! Have you ever feel this way? let me know : )

Comfort zone sometimes can be a reason someone willing to stay in one company and afraid to move to another company. Sometimes comfort zone make a businessman afraid to make another business or try different kind of business. Comfort zone is evil you know. it make us an average person and hard to make a progrees to be a better us.

Comfort zone is like you live like a bird in a golden cage, your master always feed you and give you water, your master always clean your cage and you only need to chirping a good melody and make your master pleased. You never see the real beauty of the world, you never fly away to the sky and see a great scenery from above.

A lot of people will make a different tomorrow, bitch please, do it NOW!! I will do it now, I want to be like a free bird, fly away in the sky, see a great scenery, meet another creature, and feel a new adventure.

Have an Adventurous day

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