Sunday, January 29, 2012

Keep the Failure


Have you ever felt so depressed because of your goal is getting far away from what you want? I had.

I have a dream to work in one of the biggest Consultant firm in the world such as McKinsey, in there I worked as a business development and a consultant. I see my self will be one of the high level position in McKinsey, create a lot of new product and will traveling around the world to see the performance of branches in McKinsey. People will know my name and I become famous in the consultant industry. I have a dream to be one of the greatest consultant in the world and I feel that I need to learn from one of the best consultant firm.
I try a lot to get into but I failed. I see the failure as a new way to see the problem and stand up even higher.

Now I am making my own consultant company called BrosBC. even though I still have a little number of client but I love my job. Analyzing the problem, make a new way to increasing wealth of a company.

"Learn to be Happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want" - Jim Rohn

"Do your best, fail, do it again in different way, fail better. Do it again then you will success. Keep up the spirit in your mind and heart until you achieve your happiness" - Emir Zakiar

Have a Great day


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