Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Be a Persistent Person


I was watching a show about someone who do a lot to achieve his or her dream. There's some people who catch my attention on how they struggle in life. I want to tell you about one person who surpassed his limit to achieve his dream.

The first person is a famous singer from Korea, Park Jin-Young. He has a nickname JYP. He released seven albums, two serial TV, two films, and  got 17 awards, He also a founder of K-Pop record label named JYP Entertainment, one of three biggest record label in South Korea. JYP Entertainment produced some of the famous actor, artist, and group in Korea such as Rain, Wonder Girls, 2 AM, 2 PM, and Miss A.

Do you know that He got rejected from almost all the Korean agency in his young age before he debuted in music industry. One of the biggest record label (SM Entertainment) also reject his application. When his spirit almost gone, he put his last effort in one small agency and he got it. He debuted in the age of 23, it's quite an old age for a debutant in Korean music industry. He tried and tried and tried to get his name in K-Pop industry, never give up is his motto. Now? He become one of the judges in one of the show in Korea that recruit an amateur person to become next Korean Idol. Can you feel the spirit that He had?

Have you ever feel that everything that you do always stuck and don't give any progress to your dream? Believe me sometimes the last try is the door to your dream. Keep fighting, keep persistent, keep the faith, keep your dream. Every effort count, learn from every failure, change it to become a better person, have a Winner attitude. Your life, your dream, your effort, don't hesitate to achieve it. Believe in your self.

See you at the top.

Have a Persistent Day

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